The results of refusing the smart meter

I see now why Marin County here in California, placed a ban on the meters, along with Santa Cruz County. In April of 2012, the City of Naperville, Illinois, placed a ban on the installation of the meters as well.

Itron, Inc. the manufacturer of the meters, was sued by their own shareholders for issuing misleading and false financial statements between the periods of April 28,2010 to February 16, 2010. I can only wonder if false statements were issued about the meters.

The bottom line is this: the utility customer is being forced to pay for the meter twice, once through their tax money being appropriated for the meters, the second when the meter is installed and the customer is charged again. This does not even take into account the health issues raised concerning the meters, along with the charges of improper billing.

When I referenced my previous article, I noted the smart meter industry had purchased advertising space on my articles page. Please note that I did not approve this action.


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