Call Seattle Council Members

Seattle City Light (SCL) plans on rolling out “smart” meters in 2017, they are a public utility and need their Strategic Plan (2017-2022) and Budget approved each year by the Seattle City Council. “Smart” Meters, known as the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) project was approved in the 2012 Strategic Plan, and the Budget was approved in 2014. $18 million spent and $95 million estimated to complete. The Seattle City Council is questioning the need to move forward and briefly considered delaying the project by 3 years or 6 years (effectively cancelling the project).

If there is a chance that AMI could be canceled, we need the public to reach out and demand it. Take action before the new budget is approved on November 21, 2016.

  1. Write, Call or Email your Council Members (if you live in another city, but are a SCL customer, call or email your city council members (Cc:) along with the Seattle City Council).

Tell Seattle City Council to defund or cancel AMI. Why? Because:

  • SCL has a $120 million revenue shortfall over the last 4 years and expects it to continue for the foreseeable future, despite rate increases of 5.6% annually and 80,000+ more customers (over 10 years).
  • The revenue is not enough to cover the current SCL Strategic Plan.
  • It will cost too much ($95 mil) for no benefit, and more risks: direct invasion of privacy, fire hazard, cyber-attacks on the power grid.
  • Money is better used for renewable energy incentives and grid modernization projects.

If you wish to email, please note that emails are easily ignored and generally are less effective than a phone call or a fax: (Fax: 206-684-8587, ATTN: Seattle City Council Members).

Write to:

Councilmember Tim Burgess
Attn: Emilia Sanchez, Deputy City Clerk
PO Box 94728
Seattle, WA 98124-4728

Phone and Email:

Kshama Sawant:
Sally Bagshaw:
Tim Burgess:
Lorena Gonzalez:
Debora Juarez :
Bruce Harrell:
Lisa Herbold:
Mike O’Brien:
Rob Johnson: