We plan to suggest other localized solutions later this year (2016).  Seattle City Light will begin smart meter deployment by 2017.   They are planning to offer an “opt out” with fees and take away your analog meter, substituting a digital meter that is just turned off.  We will know more about this later.  Snohomish Public Utility and Puget Sound Energy are also in various stages of “smart” meter deployment.

For now please inform yourself on  solutions offered by these organizations fighting deployment of “smart” meters:
  1. Take Back Your Power
    Please read information from Part A through Part D.
  2. Stop Smart Meters
  3. FreedomTaker
Please note that the above information is not to be construed as legal advice or that the information will stop the installation of a smart meter.

The sites are provided to further inform the public on what others are doing.


Locally, Port Angeles stopped their “smart” meter rollout at the end of 2014.  Due to intense public opposition that finally included their own city council, they realized that the cost of  “smart” meters along with ongoing software failures and cost overruns outweighed any purported “smart” meter benefits.  The smart meters contract dispute between Port Angeles and their “smart” meter vendor was settled after more than 1/3 of the “smart” meters were deployed throughout the city.  The settlement included Port Angeles residents keeping their analog electric meter if they wished.  Please read more about their community success.  Additional article at Take Back Your Power.

In our area, we hope that city and utility officials will stop this failed technology policy before it is too late.