Keeping your analog meter

People Who Protest Can Keep Analog Meters

  1. Fill out Opt-Out Application.
  2. Attach or include the analog meter demand letter (Letter Template edited as appropriate for you).
  3. Cc as many people in power as possible such as Seattle City Council members, key Seattle City Light staff, local city councils (i.e. Shoreline, Normandy Park, Lake Forest Park, …), and the Seattle City Attorney.
  4. Call Seattle City Light until you are definitely  added to the exemption list that indicates you want to retain your analog meter; this list is managed by Kelly Enright (Customer Care Director for AMI Deployment).
  5. Continue to call and email  until you have it in writing in an email or on paper.


There have been numerous successes to date of people keeping their analog meter and a few where the Landis+Gyr opt-out meter was removed and an analog meter returned to the property owner. You just need to be persistent. They are reluctant to agreeing with a real opt-out to their AMI program. They are not making it easy. People who rent need to work with the owners of their property. Condos and apartments are almost entirely excluded from opting out; the policy states there must be 4 units or less to qualify and everyone has to agree. We have one customer who is a renter at a 10 unit apartment complex that got all the agreements and a letter from the owner, they got a verbal agreement to allow them to opt-out, that was later reneged on by Seattle City Light. They are still fighting.


Applications are available here. We recommend:

  1. Do not include personal health information in the reasons field, simply state “health concerns”; other reasons stated simply could be: violation of 4th Amendment, fire risks, privacy risks, cyber security threats to power grid, or just personal reasons.
  2. Send it via certified mail.
  3. Email a PDF copy to people in power.
  4. Note: some people are crossing out the application sentence that refers to the Opt-Out meter and writing in an Analog Meter.  Some people have added to the Reason for Opt-Out section of the Opt-Out application that they want to retain their analog meter or will accept a refurbished analog meter if necessary.

Letter Template


Key Seattle City Light Staff

Seattle City Council Members (* means they are on the committee that oversees Seattle City Light).

Fax: 206-684-8587, ATTN: Seattle City Council Members

Other Useful People:

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