As a part of the continual battle in dealing with the invasion of the Smart Meters I want to add this additional piece of helpful information for those of you who have installed the Smart Meter. If you have experienced a fire in the home you own or are renting, a copy of the Smart Meter record of activities immediately before the date and time of the fire should be supplied to you upon your request. This record of activity can only be furnished to the account holder for that address. If the record of activity prior to the time of the fire shows any type of anomaly, that anomaly could indicate that the Smart Meter malfunctioned in such a way as to be the cause for the fire.

Why am I giving you this information? If you have been unfortunate enough to have experienced a fire in your home, and if you have insurance, be sure of this one thing, your insurance company will be looking for the cause of the fire. This is due to the fact that every dollar that goes out for the repair of your home and property, the insurance company will be trying to recover those dollars from the responsible party.

If your home or business has a Smart meter, make sure that your adjuster and insurance company makes the effort to obtain, and then review the Smart Meter record of activity immediately before the fire, as it just might relieve you of an insurance policy cancellation due to a fire which you did not start.

As an example of the severity of the problems experienced with the Smart Meter invasion, the following Court action has just been completed:

Mr. Larry Nikkel, a resident of the city of Vacaville, California, was reported as having died in a fire which started due to the malfunction of a recently installed Smart Meter. It is believed that the Smart Meter was arcing. The interesting element in this tragic story, is that the case settled out of court, which might possibly mean the Utility Company was backed into a corner and they bought their way out, as all records of the settlement are sealed.

One important fact to remember, if the utility company does not supply the record of the Smart Meter activity, it may be necessary to obtain that record through a subpoena.

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