Exploding and melting smart meters in Stockton, California

At the present time, the real problems concerning the installation of more than 51 million Smart Meters in this country are being ignored, in spite of the evidence that continues to mount that we have a clear and present danger.

As an example of this situation, the following quote comes from the March 30, 2015 edition of the Stockton Record concerning a motor vehicle accident which occurred on Fairbury Lane in Stockton, California: “A county equipment operator crashed his dump truck into a power pole east of Stockton on Monday morning, bringing down a high-voltage transmission line that caused several fires and trapped the driver in his cab for 90 minutes. Once he was freed, he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, according to authorities. The resulting power surge as the 60,000-volt transmission line plummeted onto a 12,000-volt distribution line caused havoc for more than 5,800 electric customers in parts of east, south and midtown Stockton when their power failed, meters exploded and electrical panels fried, according to Pacific Gas & Electric Co. and the Stockton Fire Department.”

The part of this account which attracted my attention concerned the meters exploding, the quote goes on: “In some cases, meters were literally blown off the panels. People described it as hearing a whirring sound like the meter was speeding up, then like an explosion. Some of the meters weren’t blown off, but they were fried and the glass was gone.”

As a claims adjuster, my first duty would be to make sure the policyholders on Fairbury Lane in Stockton were placed in temporary housing and their immediate physical needs were met. I would then proceed to reimburse the insured for their personal property loss and the required cost to repair their home, after that was completed I would begin the process to determine who was responsible for the loss.

In this occurrence the county equipment operator appears responsible for the loss occurring, if he had not allegedly been under the influence, the incident would not have taken place. However, he was allegedly under the influence, and the issue that needs to be ultimately addressed in order to fairly parcel out blame for this incident is, would the damage from the vehicle accident have been as bad if analog meters would have been installed instead of the Smart Meters.

I will next state that I am not an electrical engineer, however, with Smart Meter claims accumulating on my desk, I do know that the plastic housing and intricate circuitry will make the meters more susceptible to fires as in this loss.

The most devious element in the Smart Meter saga is the fact the meters are being removed and not made available for independent testing by qualified independent electrical engineers. Once a manufacturers defect is noted by an engineer, it will be reported to the correct sources and the meter manufacturers and utility companies will both be financially responsible, and perhaps the meter program will be stopped until it is perfected. Because the way it stands right now the policyholders are ultimately footing the bill for this situation.

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