10 Questions for Your Utility

10 Questions for Your Utility

Utility companies around the world have been caught lying to their customers about their smart meter programs. The following will allow you to cut to the truth with your local utility and smart meter company.

1) Am I legally required to accept a smart meter?

2) Can I expect my energy bills to go up with a smart meter?

3) In the United States, my 4th Amendment rights prevent unlawful search and seizure in my own home. Do smart meters violate these rights?

4) Is it true that my energy use information will be sold to third-party vendors in order to market products or track my activities in some way?

5) Will the smart meter program help the environment by reducing energy use?

6) Have there been fires where smart meters have been installed?

7) Are there any known health effects related to smart meters?

8) How many pulses of radiation does my smart meter emit per day?

9) Have smart meters been proven to be safe?

10) Are utilities getting financial kickbacks for forcing smart meters on everyone?

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