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June 2017 Update

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ACLU demands privacy safeguards!

Michigan lawmakers testify against digital meters due to cybersecurity threat!

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Welcome To SUMA-NW

SUMA-NW is a Seattle area‐based organization that works to stop “smart meters,” radio frequency utility meters that are costly and dangerous ( health , privacy, fires, grid instability ).

We focus on solutions to energy use that are cost‐effective, safe for humans/animals, and better for the environment.

SUMA-NW is part of the national and international movement organized to stop smart meters.

We are here to educate regarding the issue of so called "smart" meters, so people can make an informed decision. Please take a look at the various articles under Issues. Also note the Events, Resources and Solutions we have. We would be very happy to have you join our movement to stop "smart" meters now. Please sign up for our email list and or call the telephone number under Contact to the right.

The Seattle City Council, supported by Seattle City Light, has moved forward, without doing the deep research we need. You will find the research here. This is NOT just a Seattle issue, most utility companies in the northwest are also moving forward with "smart" metering; Puget Sound Energy is not required to address public concerns. This includes water utilities as well as electric & gas utilities.  Thank you for your time.

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